Site Conditions Form

Where information as to soil conditions, test borings, test piles and existing underground and overhead structure locations is shown on the engineer's plans, specifications or drawings, or in preliminary reports prepared by the engineer, such information is for the owner. The correctness of such information is not guaranteed by the owner or the engineer, and in no event shall be considered as a part of the contract, an inducement to bidding or as a factor for the computation of bids. If such information is used by a bidder in preparing his [her] proposal, he [she] must assume all risks that conditions encountered in performing the work may be different from the approximation shown. If any bidder so desires, the owner will afford him [her] an opportunity, at his [her] own expense, to make borings or soundings, to drive test piles or to dig test pits properly refilled to the satisfaction of the owner.

The contractor shall satisfy himself [herself], by careful examination, as to the nature and location of the work, the character of equipment needed preliminary to and during prosecution of the work, the general and local conditions, and all other matters which can in any way affect work under this contract.

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