Instruction to Bidders Form

Instructions to Bidders Form

Instructions for prebidding, description of items, and bid forms _________[date].

Instructions to Bidders

General. Bidders are requested to study carefully and conform to these "Instructions to Bidders" in order that their proposals be regular, complete and acceptable.
Proposals. All proposals shall be made on the forms provided. All proposals shall be legibly written in ink or typewritten.

Examination of site of work. Each bidder must examine for him or herself the location and extent of the proposed work and determine any unusual conditions or hazards to be met in performing the work.

Intent of bid. The bid being taken at this time is a prebid; the total cost of the project as given in this prebid will be the basis upon which the owner will finance the proposed remodeling. Therefore, it is imperative that the bids received at this time will be within _________ percent of the ultimate cost of the project, providing the items and quantities as given here on the scope of work and bid form do not vary more than the above mentioned _________ percent.

Plans and specifications. After the prebids are received and financing of the project is arranged, plans and specifications will be prepared for the proposed work.

Preference given to low bidder. The low and best bidder (based upon the prebid) will be given preference in the awarding of the work. After completion of the plans and specifications, the contractor shall revise his or her bid. The unit priced bid in the prebid will be used as a basis of comparative costs per item between the prebid and the ultimate price, and any adjustments required will be made on this basis.

Qualifications of bidders. Bidders will be required to submit satisfactory evidence that they have a practical knowledge of the work bid upon, and that they have the necessary financial resources to complete the proposed work. Due consideration will be given to the present ability, reliability, and general reputation of each of the bidders.

In addition to the above (due to the shortage of certain materials), each contractor should enumerate the amounts of materials on hand, or the availability of materials, as called for or required by the proposed work, and due consideration will be given in the selection of the best bidder.

Acceptance or rejection of proposals. The owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Only one proposal will be accepted from one firm or association. Any evidence of collusion between bidders or of one firm having an interest in more than one proposal may constitute a cause for rejection of any bids so affected.

Complete. It is the intent that all of the items and quantities given in the prebid include every kind of equipment and accessories, all items and quantities of material and labor in any way essential to constitute a thorough compliance with the requirements indicated, specifically or through reasonable inference, finished and ready for the owner's use without further additions of any nature.

Performance bond, insurance, etc. The successful bidder will be required to furnish a surety bond in the amount of 100 percent of the contract price. He or she will be required to carry compensation insurance and full liability insurance with limits for personal injury of _________ dollars ($_____) and _________ dollars ($_____) and property damage limits of _________ dollars ($_____) and _________ dollars ($_____).

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