Duties of Subcontractor

Subcontractor agrees to furnish all labor and material, and perform all work required, for completion of _________, for construction of _________ building in the City of _________, all in full and strict accordance with the present plans and specifications and their requirements, including all work and material of the character and kind mentioned above and that is required by the plans and specifications, together with all work and material specified under headings in the specifications applicable to the work contracted for, and all that is ordinarily done or furnished by contractors or workers, in carrying on such work, together with and subject to all changes, alterations, additions, deductions, and details, as provided for, and maintain the same until fulfillment of this contract. All of which subcontractor agrees to perform in good, true, perfect, prompt, and workmanlike manner, and to the satisfaction and acceptance of contractor, architect and owners of the building. Where the word "work" occurs in this contract it shall be held to mean and refer to labor, work and material the same as though repeated each time. The plans and specifications referred to above are the same as are furnished by architects, _________ and _________, and are on file with _________.

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