Free Child Medical Consent Form

Schools, athletic organizations, and other groups usually require a medical authorization form for children (child medical consent form) from the parents before they may take part in athletic events, field trips, tours, traveling, day care, camping, or any other event where the child will be away from the parents.

Download a Free Medical Authorization & Consent Form for children now.

The goal of any type of child medical consent form is to give a medical professional the permission to treat a child when they are in the care of another person or organization.

This treatment may be performed at a hospital, clinic, dental office, or other facility where there are certified medical professionals and staff.

A good medical authorization form for children will cover these areas:

  • Any medical conditions the child may have
  • Current medication being taken
  • Allergies the child has
  • Insurance information
  • Release clause
  • Contact information for child’s doctor

After notarizing your child medical consent form make sure every group or organization your child is involved in has a signed copy. These are easy-to-use forms that can be used as often as needed at no charge.

Download our Free Child Medical Consent Form - Free Medical Authorization Form for Children