10 Free SWOT Analysis Templates With Examples

Blank form of SWOT analysis with colorful charts

Quick facts about SWOT

So, what is SWOT? It is one of the most used tool for analysis. It originated in the 1960's and is made up of four key areas: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. These areas can be observed from different aspects of view.

Strengths and opportunities are related to positive things, while weaknesses and threats are related to negative things. Strengths and weaknesses refer to things that are related to the object of analysis, opportunities and threats refer to things in the environment around the object.

SWOT analysis can be used to analyze almost anything. SWOT is not just for business, it can be used for personal evaluation as well. It is a scheme/matrix for analytical thinking. Once it is mastered, SWOT can be done very quickly. You can do SWOT to make analysis for your company, department, employees, favorite football team, university, potential manager etc.

The matrix has four areas, but there is no rule on how to design each SWOT analysis template. One thing is really important to know: SWOT is only for your use! Nobody will evaluate your design. Do the design as you wish, more important is what will you write in the key areas.

Choose You're Free SWOT Analysis Template

Each SWOT template comes prefilled in a word and .docx format. Just clear out the SWOT analysis example from the template and enter your own information into it.

Template #1: Analysis on University

Template #2: Analysis on gas company

Template #3: Analysis on sport's betting company

Template #4: Analysis on manufacturing company

Template #5: Analysis on travel agency

Template #6: Analysis on football team

Template #7: Analysis on private hospital

Template #8: Analysis on employee John Doe

Template #9: Analysis on Upwork

Template #10: Analysis on marketing department