Provide Your Customers With a Proof of Purchase With Our Free Receipt Template

If you own your own business, it's time to starting thinking about how to better protect yourself and your customers while also saving time & money by using receipts for each transaction. This is now simpler than ever with our easy-to-use, customizable, free template PDFs that can either be modified and used digitally or simply printed and filled out by hand for in-person purchases or when shipping a product to a customer.

Modify and customize the receipt however you need to in order to stipulate exchange or return policies as well as transaction details for easy reference for both you and your customer. Make it easy to keep matching identical records of the transaction without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a fancy point-of-sale system or an accounting software.

Why Use Our Free Receipt Template?

Using our free template provides a significant number of advantages and protections for sellers and buyers a like – especially during ecommerce when fraud is so prevalent. These benefits include:

  • It's very simple to add information such as the date of purchase, quantity, customer name, item number, product description, price, subtotal, and company information to our receipt template. You don't need any special design or layout skills.

  • Save a bundle on expensive accounting software for small businesses who simply need a way to provide customers with a receipt.

  • Give customers a genuine proof of purchase that shows you are a legitimate business that they can have confidence in doing transactions with. This helps your business put its best foot forward to enhance your reputation.

  • Protect both yourself and your customer in the event of a return or exchange. With so much fraud on the internet today, it's important if you do business or sell products online to make sure you provide customers with a receipt so that they have it if they wish to return the product or make an exchange. If not, you can end falling prey to a scam.

  • Any product that has a warranty will benefit from a receipt. So if you are going to offer one, or if there is one from the manufacturer on products you resell, make sure to include receipts as a service to your customers to improve satisfaction and retention.

Our Template Is Easy To Use

The easiest way to start making your own receipts would be to simply print the templates and fill in the blanks by hand. With a little time and effort, professional looking receipts can be made and you can use a word processing program to fill in the blanks and numbers.

Using this template is fast and easy to make professional looking receipts for your customers.

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