Make Shipping Products to Your Customers Easy With Our Free Packing Slip Template

Our packing slip template can be printed and filled out by hand and your word processor or Excel program can be used to add text or edit.

Packing slips not only tell your customers what should be inside their package, but also remind you and your employees what needs to be packed.  Also, packages sometimes arrive open or damaged. A well written packing slip can tell your customer what should be inside.

Why You Should Use Our Packing Slip Template?

The ultimate goal of a business owner should be to provide great products and efficient customer service.  This ensures that you're not only profiting from the sale but also from gaining a lifetime customer. Providing your customers with a packing slip makes your business look more professional and shows your customers that you are dedicated to providing great customer service. It's an inexpensive way to making your business look professional and efficient.

Our Template Is Easy To Use

The easiest way to create your own packing slips would be to simply print the template out and fill in the blanks by hand.  More professional looking packing slips can also be created by importing the template into a word processing program to add text and your company's address and phone number.

Templates provide space for the sender's address, shipping and billing address, date of purchase, order number, product, description, quantity, unit type, and total. Your company name and information can also be added to the top of the packing slip.

Use our template as an inexpensive way to provide better service to your customers.

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