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When you have a business with employees, part of being compliant means making sure you've communicated everything you need to in a quick, efficient, and easy-to-understand manner. Not only this, but you'll want to make sure that your employees understand your values, how they should interact with customers, and what your expectations are as far as things like attendance, dress code, wages & overtime, vacation, and even harassment.

No way around it – putting something like this together take some work. But we'll save you a huge chunk of time with our employee handbook template. When you download our template, you'll be able to easily create employee policies for your company that will provide the foundation for your company employee handbook.

Why It Is Important To Have An Employee Handbook?

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that businesses can protect themselves against damages and liability against lawsuits from their employees by providing them with clearly drafted workplace policies defining their rights and responsibilities. Most any attorney will emphasize how important an employee handbook is to your company; even the smallest business should protect itself with an attorney-drafted employee handbook.

The Problem

Employment laws are becoming more demanding each year, especially in states like California. Lawsuits are a major concern with almost every employer. The past decade has seen a large increase in the amount of lawsuits based on sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination.

These lawsuits can put a tremendous financial burden on you the employer. The average dollar amount being awarded to employees against their employer in an employment lawsuit is over $400,000 with some being considerably higher.

What Benefits Come From Using Our Free Employee Handbook Template?

There are too many benefits of using an employee handbook to list here, so instead let's focus on a few highlights:

  • As lawsuits increase, employers must better protect themselves. An essential part of this protection is a well-drafted employee handbook that explicitly covers your policies for your employees up front.

  • Having an Employee Handbook greatly improves the image your employees have of you as an employer as a more professional and qualified business owner.

  • No Employee Handbook Template is complete as is – because no two businesses are identical. However, using a template will give you all the basics which provides a significant head start over building one from scratch. This saves you both time and money – even if you have to add a bit to the template.

  • Well-written workplace policies can reduce your company's liability should a lawsuit be filed, while at the same time providing important information to your employees. Putting such policies in a handbook and going over it with every employee and then having them sign it up front is the best protection you can get against such a lawsuit.

  • Handbooks help boost productivity by lowering the need for training and retraining. They also prevent any common misconceptions new employees may have by laying things out in black and white on any issues that may appear grey at first.

  • Handbooks also reduce job turnover through creating a culture of consistency and fairness by providing readily-available copies of written instructions on how managers and supervisors will handle issues.

  • Any particular policy in the handbook that doesn't work for your business can be edited out. Almost any word processor can be used to make changes or update your handbook when necessary.

  • You can save a copy of the handbook to make future updates as easy as adding a line or page in the appropriate section.

  • If you are ever sued by a current or former employee, your employee handbook will likely be used against you in court if not professionally drafted. Don't take the chance and start from scratch, but use our professionally drafter templates to protect yourself.

The list goes on and on and on. Yet, it's astonishing how few employers use these. While there is no guarantee a disgruntled employee will one day sue, it's sure nice to have a protection plan like an employee handbook in place in case they do.

Remember, once you've created your handbook with our templates, be sure to keep it and all employee contracts up-to-date and routinely examined by an attorney experienced with business and employment law to ensure compliance. With lawsuits being awarded all the time in amounts into the millions, it's simply not worth the risk.

Important Provisions your Employee Handbook Should Contain:

  • Attendance and absences
  • Dress and attire
  • Meal breaks
  • Employee termination
  • Workplace alcohol and drug abuse
  • Payroll and wage period
  • Employee termination
  • Vacation and maternity leave
  • Holidays and time off
  • Company benefits
  • Jury duty
  • Use of company property
  • Use of company computers
  • Employee evaluation
  • Time off for military service
  • Family medical leave provision
  • Overtime pay
  • Smoking on company premises
  • Provisionary period
  • Benefits after leaving company
  • Confidentiality expectations
  • Safety regulations
  • Safety requirements
  • Sexual harassment policies
  • Leave for illness and more...

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