Free Balance Sheet Template

Launching or running a small business? Then you could use some professionally developed business forms to help achieve success. We have a variety of high-quality business forms including a Free Balance Sheet Templates.

While some business owners prefer to just do their work and let the money come in – this is no way to protect a business or ensure it will be able to survive during lean seasons. The only way to achieve this is with careful financial planning based upon your business metrics. The bottom line: none of this is even possible without keeping track of your business's financials. That's where our template comes in – helping you measure and assess your business's performance in order to improve and better prepare to succeed in the future.

Why Use Our Free Balance Sheet Template?

With our template, you can enjoy the benefits of a financially sound balance sheet without having to spend a lot of time or money getting up and running. Our balance sheet template was designed with one goal in mind: making it as easy as possible for those who use it to understand where they are headed financially so they can keep an eye on their business's net worth over time. Here are several advantages of our balance sheet template:

  • Determining the assets and liabilities of your business at any specific time or date.
  • You can know quickly what sort of assets your business has in the event you are liable in a lawsuit.
  • There are a number of financial ratios you can determine with a balance sheet that allow you to properly assess how well your business is doing.
  • You can easily track capital in your business and how it is used.
  • It's easy to use, completely free, and ready for download right now.
  • You can easily modify custom fields to track financial metrics key to your business's performance.
  • With an electronic balance sheet, it is easier to update, edit, organize, and share financial data and metrics with partners, investors, and creditors.
  • Unlike some balance sheets out there, no math knowledge is required to use our balance sheet. This means it's impossible for you to mess up because of a math mistake you make.
  • You can easily update your balance sheet for new periods at any time.
  • Our Balance Sheet Template tracks the following fields: Current assets, Receivables, Inventory, Fixed & Other assets, Liabilities & Equity, and other long-term liabilities

Simply download our template and begin enjoying these benefits right away. Enter the values of what you own and what you owe, and our template does the rest to tell you your net worth - an important figure to potential investors.

Download Our Online Balance Sheet Now

Download Our Free Balance Sheet Template Now