Free Business Templates

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Business templates are a vital tool that many businesses – big and small – rely on to make their days easier and save time and money. Achieving your goals in business means using the right tools – you don't have to develop them yourself though. So let us help give you a leg-up with our free selection of business templates.

If you do not see the template example you need, come back soon as we constantly update and add content to our website. You may not redistribute, sell, or place these forms on other websites without our permission

Below is our selection of business templates:

Business Proposal Template
Includes generic business proposal template, construction proposal template, and bid proposal template.

Business Card Templates
Make your own business cards with our business card templates.

Flyer Templates
Create great looking flyers with with our flyer templates.

Balance Sheet Template
Professional balance sheet created by a CPA, does all calculations.

Profit and Loss Statement

Expert profit and loss statement CPA approved, performs all calculations.

Logo Templates
Make professional looking logos with our nice selection of ready to use logos.

Employee Handbook Template
Employee handbook template for hourly and salaried employees.

Newsletter Templates

Distribute newsletters quickly with our easy-to-use newsletter templates

Invoice Templates
Invoice your customers fast with these free invoice templates.

Receipt Template
Give professional receipts to customers with our free receipt templates.

Packing Slip Template
Send a detailed packing slip with your orders with our free business templates.

PowerPoint Templates
75 PowerPoint templates for your business needs

Business Plan Template

Professional looking business plan template you can download immediately.

SWOT Analysis Template
10 Easy to use SWOT analysis templates. Each template comes prefilled with a SWOT analysis example.

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