Free Small Business Finance Software

This free small business finance software will allow you to monitor and manage not only your business finances but your personal finance as well.

Tracking bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses is made easy and reliable through a check-book like register Graphical User Interface (GUI) powered by formal accounting principles.

You can download this free business finance software now and start using it immediately.

Through its integrated reporting and graphing module, this free small business finance software can provide you with a vivid picture of your financial standing. You can process information through standard or customized reports that include Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss, and Portfolio Valuation, among others enabling you to make quick decisions based on accurate information.

This free small business finance software also supports the following:

  • Income/Expense account types
  • Multiple currencies
  • Stock/Mutual Fund Portfolios
  • Small Business Accounting Features
  • QIF Importing
  • OFX Importing
  • HBCI
  • Improved Import Transaction Matching
  • Statement Reconciliation
  • Localization
  • Transaction Finder
  • General Ledger
  • Online Stock & Mutual Fund Quotes
  • Check Printing
  • Mortgage and Loan Repayment Druid

Unlike other free software, this free small business finance software has an intuitive user manual and help file to ensure that you are not left groping in the dark.

It does not matter which operating system you use. This free small business finance software can run on GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, and of course, Microsoft Windows.

Since this program is developed by the open source community, you may make suggestions about what features need to be added, removed, or modified. This also means that it is easy to upgrade to the latest versions as they are introduced.

Download your free small business finance software here