Free Shopping Cart Software

When selling products online, having a good shopping cart is essential. If the shopping cart is difficult or awkward to use, customers are likely to leave the site and look for the same items elsewhere. This free shopping cart software provides you with an easy to use interface that customers are looking for.

You can download this free shopping cart software now and start using it today.

With this free shopping cart software, all the check-out essentials are on one page, which makes the ordering process much easier for customers. This cart also allows customers to create wish lists and share information about products with friends, which increases the chance of return visits and more sales.

The administration for this shopping cart is also easy since the appearance can be customized from the administration dashboard and new orders can even be entered as they are placed over the phone. The free shopping cart software provides database backup, multiple administrative access levels, and a variety of reports including sales, tax, and customer requests.

The free shopping cart software features are:

  1. Ability to use gift cards and vouchers
  2. Popular templates
  3. Multi-vendor shipping
  4. Works with many shipping modules including UPS, FedEx, and USPS
  5. Management of ads from other web sites
  6. Easy selection of featured products
  7. Assists in contacting customers who started an order but didn't complete
  8. Easy FAQ creation and management

This free shopping cart software also comes with an order fraud screen as well as visual verify code security. And with other easy to use features will help provide your customers with a positive experience, which will increase the likelihood of return visits and referrals. It is easy to use for administrators and provides many useful and essential tools.

Download this free shopping cart software.