Free Sales Management Software

Imagine your workplace having a seamless coordination among sales, marketing, customer service, field support and other departments. Imagine the ease and convenience of having everything in control. Imagine being able to handle customer contacts for more efficient marketing strategies.

There’s no need to imagine those things anymore, this free sales management software can be downloaded free of charge now and you can start using it today.

The Daffodil free sales management software boasts database independence as its major feature. With this you can connect, enable, or associate as much database of your company to this free software management system. SQL Server, MySQL, Firebird and other scripts are available.

This free sales management software provides a perfect way by which you can organize your sales efforts, keep your recently acquired business leads as well as manage your existing leads. It boasts of the following features:

  • Allows managers to monitor closed leads
  • Enables you to follow up leads at the right time
  • Can generate customizable reports that cab used for your business analyses
  • Allows data to be imported and exported easily
  • Allows running of mass email campaigns
  • Supports unlimited number of users thus allowing not just your sales force but even your after-sales people access to customer information when they need it

The other new features of this free sales management software includes support for sending multiple attachments during mass mail campaigns, address label printing from accounts, more flexible admin section, facility of creating views in accounts and enhanced data security. And since it is an open source software, it can be re-designed to fit the needs of your company.

Download the free sales management software here