Free Point of Sale Software

Involved in a retail business? It may not be very difficult to manage at first, but once your business starts growing you will need all the assistance that you can get. Instead of hiring more people to do additional work for you, why not try using this free point of sale software to help you.

You can download this free program now and start using it immediately.

A free point of sale software such as this one can help you save not only on labour costs, but also on time spent on each step of the entire sales process. Since you are able to give the customer what he or she needs quickly, you are also setting your customer service at a higher level.

This free point of sale software comes with the following features:

  • Daily sales records report generation
  • Caller ID system
  • Customer information database that can store up to 5 contact number entries
  • Order system website integration
  • Sales record and inventory monitoring system

This free point of sale software makes use of database in Microsoft Access format as well as MySQL and Oracle. It is compatible with BSD as well as early versions of Windows. It can also be used in handhelds with PalmOS PDB which means that it can support user interface in handhelds, mobiles and PDAs. It is also suited for Tablet PCs. This means it is perfect for those companies who send out personnel to conduct sales on their behalf. And since it is an open source free software, this excellent program can be utilized by almost anyone and can be tweaked to meet the needs of most companies.

Download the free point of sale software