Free Inventory Management Software

This free inventory management software takes pride in being able to provide intelligent inventory management and control.

That means the program itself can assist you in making smart decisions when managing your inventory. You can download this free program now and start using it today.

In order to minimize waste, a company should have a proper tracking of product turnover and replenishment. This can take some time if done manually. Apart from this, inaccurate estimates can lead to overstocking and more waste. With this free inventory management software, which is equipped with smart sales demand forecasting, you can be sure the orders you make are in sync with the market demand.

What's more, since product spoilage is brought into the equation for perishable ones, this free inventory management software can create more realistic forecasts. This is made possible through the Optimized Economic Order Quantity Algorithm (EOQ).

This free inventory management software also pays special attention to the seemingly minute details. Examples of these are changing prices based on maximal quantities in one order, lead time of a product, and space limitations. All these when plugged into the equation can influence the treatment of inventory.

Although the default back end of the program is the highly reliable MS SQL Server, this database can be replaced with other compatible RDBMSs (Relational Database Management Systems). This is an important factor if cost should be considered. Choosing an open source solution can bring down the costs substantially.

The intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), which allows for easy adding, editing, and removing of data, gives this free inventory management software a huge user-friendly boost. The user interface also simplifies report and graph generation, adding to the benefits of the whole program

Download the free inventory management software