Free Document Management Software

With the growing global online community, more and more companies have people around the world working for them. While this provides some excellent opportunities for diversity and flexibility, having staff spanning the globe can make it difficult to share documents and communicate ideas in a timely manner.

There is free document management software that solves this problem. It can be downloaded free of charge. You can download this free software now and start using it in minutes.

This free document management software is an easy way to share documents between staff members no matter where they are in the world or when they are working. Uploaded files can be downloaded by any authorized user for review and updating.

It also boasts of the following features:

  1. Task assignment
  2. RSS feeds
  3. Management of multiple projects
  4. Folder access based on users and/or groups
  5. Document access and version history

Management and Communication Features

This software allows files to be organized by user, project, type, or any by any other criteria that meets your needs. Not only can the organization be easily controlled, so can which members have access to which files. It is also possible to track the changes that are made by the members who have access to the documents.

This free document management software also facilitates communication even when the people involved on the project span the globe. One of the methods of communication is the Newsroom where important messages that need to be read by all staff members can be posted. Communication can also happen through the forums. This is a way for a give and take of ideas, questions and answers between staff members. A forum can be set up for each project as well as a general forum for questions that may not pertain to a specific project.

Download the free document management software.