Free Data Recovery Software

Our free data recovery software could save you a lot of time and money should your computer crash or important files get corrupted. Data recovery services are very expensive and unless you have the money you are left with only two other alternatives.

Those choices are free data recovery software and commercial paid versions.

You can download the free data recovery software now.

The free data recovery software on this page will work on Windows, Linux, Sun and Mac operating systems.

If you find it difficult to use or need something stronger there is some very powerful commercial data recovery software that can recover hard drive data, photos, videos and e-mail. Most of this type of software can also restore files that were deleted intentionally or unintentionally.

Experts suggest that you do not try to regain or fix hard drive data loss with generic repair utilities as this can actually make the problem worse. If the free data recovery software does not work, try a good commercial version. If that does not work you may be forced to hire one of the data recovery services who specialize in computer data recovery.

If you are reading this and you do not use a good back-up system, you should. You see if you have a good back-up for your computer you will rarely have the need for free data recovery software, paid versions, or data recovery services.

Generally speaking, the only data you can retrieve is data lost by deleting, formatting or corruption. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to recover hard drive data that has been lost by overwriting previous information. As of the publishing of this article even the data recovery services do not make this claim.

If your business depends on retrieving the information you should probably give serious consideration to buying a commercial version that includes support. However, the free version is still a powerful program for hard drive data recovery, photos, and video.

Download our free data recovery software