Free Church Management Software

Large-scale companies and businesses are not the only ones that need to have management software. Even the church should also be spared of all the trouble organizing and maintaining its operations, which is the reason why the free church management software has been developed.

You can download this free church management software now and start using it immediately.

This free church management software takes care of all the financial burdens of the church as well as helps organize activities of the congregation. This gives the church more time and energy to focus on its main mission, which is spiritual evangelization, and takes its mind off mundane administrative tasks.

The Open Source Church Management Software comes with the following features:

  • Provides support for monitoring Membership and Attendance
  • Allows  you to identify the level of access for each member
  • Monitor member giving with use of envelope number
  • Allows you to enter calendar events
  • Helps you maintain a photo gallery
  • Main church member details including addresses which they could edit
  • Input Sunday offerings and maintain family lists
  • Send mails to a specific group or send a mass mail to the whole congregation
  • Allows for generation of mailing labels using groups that you have built or any specific criteria that you would indicate
  • Allows you to export group lists to an excel file
  • Create member IDs with bar codes for use specifically in child check-in
  • Create a customized visitor management system

What’s more, this church management software can be yours for free!
Indeed, all your church’s administrative tasks will be better taken cared of with this free church management software.

Download the free church management software here.