Free Business Plan Software

PHP business plan is a free business plan software dedicated to helping you create a statement of your business goals including your strategies for reaching those goals.

Data used for the software is stored and managed in a MySQL database, an open source RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) currently owned by Sun Microsystems and is slated to be acquired by the number one database company in the world, Oracle.

You will end up using a database backed by both the open source community and the global leader in data. Thus, you are sure that your information will be processed seamlessly in a system powered by cutting edge technology and completely devoid of any licensing fees.

As it is written in PHP, the free business plan software is fully web-based. This means that you only need a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Opera to make it run. Hence, you can access it from anywhere: on your PC, notebook, netbook, or even from a computer in any cyber cafe.

This also means that you can write your business plan on any operating system: Windows XP, Linux, or Mac OS X.

Using the free business plan software, you can incorporate everything you need in a business plan: Executive Summary, Product and Service Description, Industry Analysis, Target Market, Marketing Plan, Sales Plan, Competitive Analysis, Operations Plan, Management Team, and Financial Plan.

This free business plan software comes with 70 sections that can readily be integrated into your business plan. Each section is equipped with a description as well as intuitive examples to guide you through. The sections can be created in a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) making it easy to use and quite robust.

Download the free business plan software here