Free Billing Software

Free billing software to help your small business run its day-to-day activities. It can be quite daunting handling all the aspects of running a business, especially if you are torn between providing fast customer service and cutting expenses.

There is one solution to help, which is by using free billing software to automate your sales operations. You can download this free software now and start using it immediately.

This free billing software could just be what you need. Conceptualized by TechCmantiX Technologies, it provides the needed support to track purchases from manufacturers as well as sales made to retailers. Included is support for flexible report generation that can be valuable for business analyzes.

This free billing software is divided into the following modules:

  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Stocks
  • Products
  • Sales Returns
  • Suppliers and Customers

This program also has a printing function that does away with you having to save a file or convert it to a document prior to having it printed. It provides support for multiple stock categories, indicates price tags for products, and even has two returned products damaged mode and bill return mode. The suppliers and customers module of allows you to input all necessary information including address and contact number.

This free billing software makes use of MS Access for its database and is computer-based. Since it is an open source free program, you can tweak the codes used to fit your company’s needs. This program is compatible with Vista and Windows XP and uses Visual Basic.NET as its programming language.

Download the free billing software here