Best Free Antivirus Software

The best free antivirus software is available free for home users; this free antivirus software is not the type that will slow your PC down. It can be downloaded and installed within a matter of minutes and offers a polished interface that is easy to understand.

It works in the background and constantly updates its database about the latest viruses. What’s more, the update is done regularly throughout the life of the software. Download the best free antivirus software now and start protecting your computer today.

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Other outstanding features of this free antivirus software are as follows:

  • Provides real-time protection even as you open files and run programs
  • Provides a vault for handling infected files
  • Checks web pages for any virus and malicious programs
  • Able to detect not just viruses but spyware as well
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista as well as Windows 7
  • Supports nine languages – Spanish, English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Offers email certification on both incoming and outgoing mails
  • Folders that you do not want to be scanned can be placed in the list of exceptions

The recent financial crisis has given birth to another wave of malicious programs and viruses. Some were made to just irk the people using their computers while others were designed to cause irreparable damage. When it comes to protecting your computer from malicious programs and viruses, effective need not necessarily mean high cost. This is one reason the best free antivirus software has a great following.

The quality of the AVG free antivirus software has been proven by more than 75 million users and is considered to be the best free antivirus software available in the market today.

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