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Running a background check is something that many individuals, employers, and landlords may need to do from time to time.

Some companies need it for pre-employment background checks to verify the information of a person who they are considering hiring.

Landlords may want to run a check on someone who they would like to rent property too as part of their tenant screening process. Individuals have many reasons for wanting to do a background check.

Checking to see if someone has a criminal record may prevent unpleasant surprises at a later date.

These are just a few reasons someone would want to do a background check. These checks can range from a few details to many depending on what is needed. Public records are typically maintained by state and federal government agencies and are open to the public.

Free Criminal Background Checks

Types of criminal records and court information available to employers and the public:

For obvious reasons the general public may be restricted of accessing records from free criminal background checks forcing them to use one of the paid services.

In most states employers and landlords can check to see if you have any criminal records on file with the courts. Generally, the search(s) conducted by an employer or landlord will only be done in the county you live in. Some states have a statewide database of records for criminal offences.

Pre-Employment Background Check

Pre employment background checks for screening possible employees have become a common procedure for many companies.

Free pre employment background checks (or paid services) are done by companies to ensure what the potential employee is telling you accurate. It also is used to discover problems in the applicant’ past they may not be telling you.

The information obtained for the pre employment background check must be information related to the job or the employment the applicant is applying for and should not be personal or other information completely irrelevant to the job.

It is very important the employer get the consent from the applicant before doing the pre employment background check. The consent required by the employer from the applicant should be in writing. The employer should also give serious consideration to getting the advice of an attorney. Employment laws can and do change, the fees for some legal advice is usually money well-spent.

Pre-Employment Drug Tests – Know the Law

Pre employment drug tests have become a useful tool for employers to help reduce possible liabilities caused by the actions of some employees. Both big and small companies use this test to help protect their business interests.
It is important the job applicant is informed or has given consent to the pre-employment drug test. Laws vary from state-to-state on what can and cannot be tested. Before any drug tests are given you should check with an attorney in your state or the department of labor.

Tenant Screening

Every landlord would like to have a responsible tenant who pays their rent on time and does not cause trouble.  Tennant screening will help find out if the potential tenant has faced past criminal charges, will give the landlord a snapshot of their financial ability to pay their rent each month, and find out if the potential tenant had a serious problems with their prior landlord.

There are some restrictions to the general public in regards to background checks and this may vary state-to-state.  Some states do charge small fees for background or other searches.

There are a many companies on and off the Internet that offer paid background services. These services could be used for pre employment background checks, pre employment screening, tenant screening, education, credit history and more. In addition to personal background checks, some companies will perform business background checks. For serious circumstances you may want to consider using one of these companies.

Some free background checks can be done online from your home or business computer. Others cannot and may have to be done by visiting your local courthouse, police department or other government offices in person. Certain information may require small fees to cover processing you request. This would depend on the type of information you are looking for. The following links will take you to state websites where you can begin your search.