Sublease Agreement

SUBLEASE of lease by and between__________________________ (the "Tenant"),

and____________________________________ (the "Subtenant"),

and____________________________________________ (the "Landlord").

For good consideration, it is agreed by and between the parties that:

1. The Tenant hereby subleases to the Subtenant all of the Tenant's rights in and to certain premises leased to the Tenant by the Landlord pursuant to an agreement of lease dated the______ day of___________________, 201(x), (the "Lease")

2. The Subtenant agrees to accept the said premises, to pay all rents due under the Lease to the Tenant, and to punctually perform all of the Tenant's obligations under the said Lease accruing on and after the date of delivery of possession to the Subtenant as contained herein. The Subtenant further agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Tenant from any breach of the Subtenant's obligations hereunder.

3. The parties acknowledge that the Tenant shall deliver possession of the leased premises to the Subtenant on_____________________, 201(x), and that time is of the essence.  All rents and other charges accruing under the shall be fully paid by the Tenant, and all charges shall be fully paid by the by the Subtenant to the Tenant as provided following:




4. The Landlord hereby consents to the sublease, provided that:

a) Consent to the assignment shall not discharge the Tenant of its obligations under the Lease.

b) In the event of breach by the Tenant, the Subtenant shall attorn to the Landlord.

c) There shall be no further dealing with this Lease without the prior written consent of Landlord.

5. This agreement shall be binding upon and enure to the benefit of the parties, their successors, assigns and personal representatives.

Signed this day of______ month of________________, 201(x).


Tenant _____________________________________

Subtenant __________________________________

Landlord ____________________________________



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