Assignment Of Option To Purchase Real Estate

For value received, _____________________, of _________________________, assignor, assigns to _____________________, of ________________________, assignee, all rights and interest of

assignor in an agreement, dated _______________, 201(x), whereby assignor was given the option to purchase from ____________________________, of _______________________________, the

following described real estate at a price and under the terms and conditions therein contained:

[put legal description here]

Such option commenced on _____________________, 201(x), and is good until _________ o'clock, ______day of________________, 201(x).


The Assignor, by virtue of this assignment, grants to assignee the right to exercise or reject the option in good faith and the right to recover any moneys deposited by assignor to receive said option.

Dated _______________________, 201(x).

________________________   __________________________


STATE OF ___________________

COUNTY OF __________________

BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority,
on this _______ day of _______________, 201(x),

personally appeared ______________________ to me well known to be the person described in and who signed the Foregoing, and acknowledged to me that he executed the same freely and voluntarily for

the uses and purposes therein expressed.

WITNESS my hand and official seal the date aforesaid.



My Commission Expires:__________



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