Security Agreement




(hereinafter called the "debtor")

Does hereby grant to


(hereinafter called the "secured party")

a security interest in the following property (the "collateral"):


This security interest is granted to secure the payment and performance of the following obligations owed to the secured party by the




The debtor hereby represents, covenants, warrants, agrees and acknowledges to the secured party as follows:

1. The collateral shall include any and all after-acquired property of a like nature and description, and all additions, appurtenances and proceeds thereof.

2. The collateral shall be kept at the following address, and shall be fully insured:


3. The debtor owns the collateral, free and clear of any interest, lien or encumbrance other than this security interest, and the debtor has the full right, title and authority to grant this security interest.

4. The debtor agrees to execute such further security documents as are reasonably required by the secured party.

5. Upon default in payment or the performance of any obligation in respect of which this security interest is granted, or the breach of any provision of this agreement, the secured party or the holder may declare all obligations to be immediately due and payable and shall have all remedies of the secured party under any agreement or statute.

6. The holder may assign or transfer the said debt and the deposited collateral hereunder.


Dated this______ day of________________, 201(x).



Signature of "debtor"



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