Joint And Several Note



FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned jointly and severally

promise to pay to the order of____________________________HOLDER the sum of $_________ with interest thereon at the rate of_______% per annum.  The said sum shall be payable as follows:





The undersigned shall have the right to prepay any part of the principal sum owing at any time without penalty.  In the event that any payment due under this note is not made when due the entire balance shall be immediately due and payable at the option of any holder of this note.  In the event of default the undersigned agree to pay all solicitors fees and costs of collection.

Each maker, surety, guarantor or endorser of this note hereby waives presentation for acceptance, notice of dishonor, protest and notice of protest, and further agrees to all extensions, renewals or release, discharge or exchange of any other party or collateral, without notice.


_______________________   _________________________





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