Extension Of Agreement

THIS EXTENSION AGREEMENT made by and between______________________, (the "Party of the First Part") and______________________________________, (the "Party of the Second Part") in respect of an existing agreement between the parties dated the_____ day of_______________ 201(x), (the "Agreement").

Whereas the said Agreement expires on_______________________, 201(x) and the parties desire to extend and continue said Agreement;

It is agreed that the said Agreement shall be extended for an additional term of ________ years, commencing upon the expiration of the original term of the agreement and expiring on________________________, 201(x).

This extension shall be on the same terms and conditions as contained in the original Agreement and as if set forth herein excepting that:




IN WITNESS WHEREOF the the parties hereto have hereunto affixed their respective corporate seals, attested by the hands of their respective officers, duly authorized in that behalf, on the day and year first above written.









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