Consignment Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT made by and between_________________(the "Consignor") and __________________________ (the "Undersigned").

The terms of consignment are:

1. The Undersigned acknowledges receipt of the goods as described on the annexed schedule. The said goods shall remain the property of Consignor
until sold.

2. The Undersigned at its own cost and expense agrees to keep and display the goods only in its place of business (the "premises"), and agrees, on demand made before any sale, to return the same in good order and condition.

3. The Undersigned agrees to use its best efforts to sell the goods for the Consignor's account on cash terms, and at such prices as shall from time to time be designated by the Consignor.

4. The Undersigned agrees, upon sale, to maintain the proceeds due to the Consignor separate and apart from its own funds and to deliver such proceeds, less commission, to the Consignor together with an accounting within * days of the said sale.

5. The Undersigned agrees to accept as full payment a commission equal to_______ % of the gross sales price exclusive of any sales tax.

6. The Undersigned agrees to permit the Consignor to enter the premises at reasonable times to examine and inspect the goods.

7. The Undersigned agrees to execute such financing agreements and statements for public registration as may reasonably be required by the Consignor.


Signed this_________ day of_______________,201(x) .


IN WITNESS WHEREOF the said company has hereto affixed its corporate seal, attested by the hands of its duly authorized officers, on the date first above written.






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