597 Free Business Letter Templates

Making a great impression on colleagues, clients, and competitors is essential in business. This is true of your written communication as well as everything else. That's why it's never a good idea to simply put your thoughts down on paper and hope for the best when writing a business letter.

Over time, techniques, rules, and shortcuts to making business communication effective and effortless have developed. We're here to help you take advantage of these advancements with hundreds of business letter templates of all kinds so that your next business letter is professional, engaging, and as effective as possible.

When using our templates, follow these 10 helpful tips to get the most out of your written business communications:

  1. Be sure to use a proper business header that makes it clear both who is writing the letter and who the letter is being sent to. You'll find sections for this in our helpful templates!

  2. Use simple, contemporary language. You don't want anyone to be scratching their head over what the words you choose mean, not only is this ineffective, it may even rub some clients the wrong way. Always use straight-forward, contemporary language that will ensure your thoughts are clear and understood.

  3. Keep your paragraphs short. If they are too long, the letter will look intimidating or time consuming – both of which discourage them from reading it. So keep paragraphs short and easy to get through just like your language.

  4. Always include the date near the salutation. Make sure that your reader knows exactly when this letter was written so they know how timely the information in it is. Additionally, always write out the name of the month. Why? Because international businesses reverse the order of the day and month from US standards. The best way to avoid confusion is to name the month rather than using a digit.

  5. It's always best to address your letter to someone by name. If you don't know their name, use a brief "Dear Sir/Madam." Avoid using first names in business letters. Additionally, when abbreviating a title, use Mr. for a man and always use Ms. for a woman instead of Mrs. or Miss.

  6. Your first paragraph needs to be very short, succinct, and state clearly what the letter is regarding as quickly as possible. They need to know what you are writing about to know how to respond. Our templates will help you with this.

  7. If possible, tell a story with your letter. Consumers and other businesses are constantly bombarded with communications from all sides at all times. In order to cut through the noise, try to make a connection with your reader by sharing a bit of a story with them in your letter. For example, if you are trying to sell something, briefly mention a story of how someone who purchased the product you are selling achieved greater balance in their life, or greater recognition at work, etc.

  8. Use quotation marks once or twice in the letter to help grab your reader's attention. Our eyes are drawn to dialog in books and articles, and they'll follow the quotation marks in your letter as well. These quotes provide a feeling of something happening, of someone talking, and what's inside the quotation marks is given greater emphasis. This can add real excitement and interest to your letter which is especially important in marketing and sales.

  9. Always finish off with a strong call to action in the final paragraph. Once you've spent a couple of paragraphs getting your reader excited, it's important to direct that excitement with a call to action that elicits the response you are looking for. Ending with a strong call to action that makes your desired response as clear and as easy as possible will make your engagement percentages rocket.

  10. Always end by (1) thanking them, (2) leaving them a next step/way to contact you at the end and (3) adding a personal, legible signature if this is a traditional letter. Consider creating a digital copy of your signature and adding it to digital letters as well.

Please take your time browsing our huge selection of templates until you find the one that is just right for your next business letter!

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