Free Business Letter Samples

The right business letter can make all the difference in the world between either making that oh-so-important connection or simply having your letter end up in the recycling bin. What can you do if you're not a skilled writer? You could hire someone, try to teach yourself all the rules, or take the easy route and save time and money both by using one of our free business letters.

Think about it, why pay money when you can browse, select, download, and customize any letter, form, card, or template you want on our site for free?

Not convinced? Here's some more reasons why you should use our business letter samples:

  • If you're sending out a professional business letter, it better be on company-branded stationary with a letterhead that clearly informs your reader of everything they need to know about your company as well as contain your logo. With our samples, this is easier to do than ever. They'll show you exactly how and where to put information so that it pops out at your reader and gives your letter maximum brand recognition.

  • Business letters have evolved to be very specifically formatted and spaced. Getting the look and feel just right so that your business letters are professional and on-par with or better than your competition can be difficult to do. But with a sample letter and template, you'll see where all the important information goes and why, making the job of producing a top-notch modern business letter easier than you ever thought possible.

  • Each paragraph of a business letter has a specific function. The opening paragraph is for greeting and informing the reader of the intent of the letter, the middle paragraphs present facts and your reasoning to elicit your desired response. The closing paragraph contains your call to action, thank you, and any pertinent information they need to know about how, when, or where to participate in the event, offer, or sale you are writing about. Our sample letters and templates will show you exactly what goes where, taking out the guess work so that you have confidence when you send out your business letters.

  • When was the last time you had to write a formal letter? With emails, the internet, text messages, and more, formal writing is becoming a harder and harder to find skill. However, you don't have to take classes or hire a writer to get a quality business letter, all you have to do is find the right one form our selection of free letter samples and templates.

  • Every aspect of our sample letters are, like our templates, completely customizable, so you can take what works, modify what's close, and get rid of anything that isn't applicable for your business to give you the perfect business letter each and every time.

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