Business Letter Format

If only there was a way to quickly and easily produce high-quality business letters without the requisite writing skills or knowledge of the format of business letters, forms, memos, and other written communications. Well now there is. In one quick download, you can access our entire library of professional business letter samples and templates. Each is fully customizable and contains tips to help you get the most out of them.

Not only will you save time and money by using our free business letter samples and templates, you'll also learn tricks and begin to develop skills as a business writer from seeing strong examples of effective letters.

With our readymade formatted letters you can easily write professional-looking business letters.

Here are just a few of the things you'll start to learn as you work with our business letter format:

  • You'll find your writing becomes more effective, to-the-point, and able to communicate more and more complex ideas with ease. No matter what style of letter you work with - informational, promotional, persuasive, or focused on providing an excellent sales pitch – we can provide samples & formats you can rewrite or modify to your specific needs. With so many formats available, you'll be able to find the ideal style for your business.

  • Using relatable, current language is key to making sure your reader understands you. You don't want to refer to things that the current business culture is unaware of. This is not only ineffective at communication, but makes you appear out-of-touch which never inspires confidence in consumers, investors, and potential business allies. With tons of examples throughout our letters, forms, and samples, you'll be learning how to "talk business" in no time.

  • If there's one golden rule of business writing it's this: the less words you use to get your point across, the clearer it will be. This means you need to avoid long-winded passages, big words, redundancy, superfluous details, or anything else that slows down the information and distracts or bores your reader.

  • Always Be Professional. Not every business letter is written because you are happy or things went well. There will be times when something unpleasant needs to be discussed or handled. At those times, and because written documents can ultimately become so controversial, always be professional in your business communications. Following a sample or a template is the best way possible to help remove yourself from a heated situation to ensure you're as professional as possible.

    Download the business letter formats.