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Sure writing can be intimidating, especially when it comes to a formal written communication that represents your business. First, there are all kinds of grammar rules. Then there's the format of a business letter, diction, organization, your call to action, etc., etc., etc. However, you don't have to a Pulitzer Prize winner. Anyone can learn to write strong business letters…with a little practice.

But what if you don't have the time to practice because, you know, you're running a business or building a career? That's where we come in. As the pace of business increases ever more and more thanks to the internet, there just isn't time to practice every skill you need as a professional businessperson. With our samples, however, you'll be able to sound professional, get your idea across, and convey the purpose for which you are writing with ease – even as you steadily learn more about business writing.

So the next time you need to write a business letter, don't start from scratch! Instead, download and customize one of our nearly 600 letter examples and use that as the foundation of your letter. With our help, you'll be able to clearly and concisely put forth the objective of your letter, make a strong connection with your reader, and deliver a convicting call to action to help elicit your desired response.

Our letter examples, however, do so much more than just give you examples. They also contain tips and pointers on issues like grammar, structure, and business letter formatting so you know what the current trends and expectations are.
Here's a few examples of the kind of tips you'll learn from our example letters:

  • Your heading is important because it's where all your contact details including your name, company address, contact numbers, business logo (if applicable), and email address go. This is where this information always goes in business letters, and it's where your reader will expect it.

  • Depending on the format of your particular example letter, the header can be moved from the left, to the center, or the right side of your letter. However, because so many digital letters are "scraped" (copy and pasted) from one source to another, it's always safest to put information flush left to ensure it's included during an inattentive copy and paste.

  • A business letter needs to have the correct tone depending on who you are writing to and what you are writing about. For example, a letter notifying a client that their investment in corporate bonds failed should have a much different tone than a letter from a realtor introducing themselves to potential home buyers.

So take your time browsing our huge selection to find the right letter with the right format and the right tone for your business needs to help make the right kind of lasting impression the next time you send out a business letter.

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