50 Free Business Letters for Different Situations

Looking for the right letter to let that client, associate, or colleague know about the latest updates, changes, or developments? Keep in mind a letter is simply a communication tool, and depending on what you need to communicate, you may need a different kind of tool or business letter. That's why we have over 50 letters available right now for you to use for free in all kinds of different business situations.

You'll find all varieties of business letters including employment, customer relations, credit applications, personal letters, billing, sympathy letters, marketing & sales letters, thank you & appreciation letters, and much more. These letters are available to you for free for your personal use. However, you cannot use them on other websites or blogs without first receiving our written permission.

Each and every letter is immediately ready to be downloaded, customized, and printed to your specifications!

Don't see the specific letter you are looking for? We're constantly updating this list, so be sure to stop back by before too long to see all the new business letters we'll be adding. Additionally, check out our free business reports section by clicking here. You might find just the thing from among our large selection of excellent reports to compliment whatever letter you use.

Acknowledge Order

Apology For Incorrect Collection Letter

Apology For Missed Meeting

Attendance Notice

Bad Check Notice

Billing Mistake

Cancel Incorrect Service Charges

Collection Letter on Promissry Note

Corrected Statement For Billing

Credit Reference Inquiry

Credit Risk

Credit Line Denial

Customer Sales Visit Follow Up

Customer Thank You

Death Sympathy Letter

Delivery Method Error Refund

Denial For Credit / Open Account

Denial For Price Discount

Employment Reference

Employee Resignation For Health Reasons

Follow Up To Phone Call When Customer Not In

Holding Order Until Account Paid

Holding Order Because Of Past Credit Problem

Inactive Customer Inquiry

Inactive Customer Sales Inquiry

Injury Gift

Job Inquiry Turn Down Letter

Layoff Notice

Neutral Response To Company Reference Request

No Position Available To Job Inquiry

Open Account Approved

Positive Response To Credit Reference Inquiry

Positive Response To Employment Reference

Product Complaint

Proposal Follow up

Reason For Late Delivery

Reference Request

Refund For Wrong Product

Refusal For Charity Donation

Request For Extension Of Payment Due

Request For Quote From Vendor

Request For Open Account

Resignation Letter

Response To Employee Illness

Retirement Congratulations

Return Of Expensive Gift

Sales Agreement Cancellation Confirmation

Salesman Congratulation For New Account

Sales Person Introduction

Service Charge Increase Announcement

Sympathy Letter For Co-workers Death

Thank You For Gift

Turn Down Charity Donation Request